for Matt on his graduation from St Olaf College



Matt made the most of his years at the handsome, humane Minnesota liberal arts college he attended. St Olaf is a mighty place, really, holding on against the forces of our time to some of the best things human beings have discovered, produced, enjoyed and passed on. Almost every college I have heard of in these years of college searching let go of one or two of these basic human endeavors long ago. Most never even tried to hold them together.

St Olaf still tries to be a community in which faculty and students  1.) learn as much as they can, freely and without prejudice, bias or fear, in every discipline and area of knowledge;  2.) test and try the faith that guided their ancestors as they discover the spirits that guide their neighbors and their ancestors; 3.) exercise their spirits through the arts, especially music.

dining hall at St Olaf College



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