Birds at Long Lake (Adirondacks)

My friend Dr. Gordon Fisher sent these lines about the birds at Long Lake. Kirsten and I hope to visit Gordon and Fran next month at their place in the Adirondacks.

White-throated Sparrow Photo

White Throated Sparrow from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Each year I wonder if my old friends, the so called Neotropicals, will return to Long Lake.  They have a long way to come from Central and South America.  There are the Red-eyed Vireos with their monotonous question and answer call, the Oven birds (teacher, teacher, teacher), the little Common Yellow throats (whichety, whichety, whichety), and the Swainson’s Thrush with its beautiful flute-like call.  My favorite is the White Throated Sparrow with its plaintive “Poor Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody”.  They are all back from their winter sojourn and we are surrounded by calling birds.

They all remind me that the natural world is just outside my door and that wild things are all about us up here.  This year it seems that Mother Nature has been particularly fecund.  We spotted two Beaver in our channel and a  doe in our marsh with a fawn that was only a foot tall  and must have just been born.  The Bull Frog chorus is quite amusing.   The “boys” are dead quiet until one starts his “jug arum” and then all join in to a deafening bass outpouring.  After about 10 seconds of this some mysterious conductor signals for an abrupt end and all are silent until they begin all over again.  This goes on all night until dawn.

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