Nadine Gordimer 1923-2014

Nadine Gordimer died yesterday.  Nobel laureate; white South African who opposed apartheid; graceful, wise, fearless presence in the world.

from NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Nadine Gordimer said,

Perhaps the best way to write is to do so as if one were already dead, afraid of no one’s reactions, answerable to no one’s views… I think that a writer must always maintain the independence – the artistic independence – to use his or her insights, something that a writer has beyond the insights of other people, without worrying whether you’re going to offend your mother, your best friend or whether your political confreres are going to decide that you have let down the side. A writer must never let herself become a propagandist. Propagandists have a place – agitprop has a place – but I’m not that kind – I’m not that person. I’m a writer. I have a certain ability and I feel the first duty is to use that ability properly.

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