Fenway and Tanglewood and Hope


We attended two of the signature Massachusetts summer events within 24 hours. Saturday Kirsten dropped Nate and me  at Fenway.  Sunday the three of us drove out to Tanglewood for the afternoon concert.

Boston loves its baseball team and loves its ballpark even more. The Red Sox are in last place in the Eastern Division, but on this lovely Saturday night the old stadium was full. There’s nothing like a night game at Fenway. My boys and I have taken the Green Line there once or twice a year since they were old enough to hold my hand and walk.

Fenway Park - Boston, MA

Sunday Kirsten directed us out of town for our annual pilgrimage to Tanglewood. Good will triumph, triumph, triumph, as long as there is music. Beethoven makes you believe it.  The children of Gaza are being bombed out of their beds in a brutal display that does not quit. Poor children have gathered at the Mexican/US border. The rich people of the world are getting richer by the minute, driving the poor into corners (Gaza) or out into an uncertain world. But, insists Beethoven in his symphony-that-will-not-end,  good will triumph, triumph, triumph. As the darkness of human activity clouds the world this summer, Beethoven will not let it go. There will be peace. There is always hope for those who suffer. Hope is insistent and it will not be drowned out by the bombs and the bitterness of poverty. The final movement of the symphony sounds like a rescue–with it’s Star Wars/Super Man/Indiana Jones strains that John Williams had within him when he wrote these recent scores.


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