Sending Me Angels

I spent the weekend in my son Matt’s world. When I was his age that world was more or less mine.


Matt, my brother Chris and his dog Thor

We drove a lot and talked about old times and new adventures. Both of my boys talk with me about music they like, and I’m always happy to hear what they say and play. With my younger son Nate the music runs from rock, hip-hop and rap to jazz. With Matt it’s folk, bluegrass, traditional country and classical. There are extreme edges of each of their choices where the language and themes turn from smooth to rough and from light to dark.


inside my mother’s house

The rural soundtrack and activities of the weekend were good for me.  One afternoon Matt and I drove across the prairie from my mother’s house to the farm where my father-in-law grew up.


Kirsten’s father’s farm


a granary on the Nelson farm

As we drove we listened to albums by Bonnie Raitt, David Allan Coe and Delbert McClinton among others.  Here’s a good Delbert McClinton song. Makes me thankful for Matt and for the other angels that have appeared in my life just when I needed them.



One thought on “Sending Me Angels

  1. What a gift it is to spend time with your boys. I have two of my own and know what it means to be with them. Thanks for the music too.


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