Saying Grace by Rockwell and Doyle


Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell 1951

“Grace at meals, that lovely habit of pausing to thank the Generosity who made the plants and fruits, the beasts of the earth and the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea–“Even the macaroni?”” asks my daughter, and I say unto her, Yea, even the macaroni, and also the Cheerios, and the cheese crackers, and the gingersnaps, for these foods have sustained her like no others, even ye fruits and plants, of which she has cautiously partaken in nibbles that would mortify a mouse…An ancient urge, the sigh of thanks at the prospect of food, and certainly a habit predating Christianity, but the peoples of the one God gave that whisper of relief and gratitude a graceful name and made it a custom gentle and handsome. Each home has its own grace or lack thereof, and the litany of formal and informal prayers at tables is endless.”           p. 53,  Leaping by Brian Doyle

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