Dylan and Cash You Are My Sunshine

I’m thinking about my bud, sick at college, tonight. I want to send him health and strength. I don’t know his music (even though I get the raw power of it when he plays some of it for me) so I can’t send him a get-well song. He wouldn’t like most of the music I choose, but I’ll send this one out into cyberspace anyway. It’s two lions singing together when they were young. Cash is dead now. Both were spirit-singers; that makes them rare. Both were ambitious; that made them popular. Early on their paths intersected. Here Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan sing together an old American song that Kirsten and I used to sing to our boys in the car when they were young. After the hymns and other folk songs set them up, this one put them to sleep. You’ll never know…  At the very end of this recording Cash plays a few licks from one of his own songs, Big River. It’s as if he’s bored and moving on to the next song he would record, or maybe he was nodding off.  

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