Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Celebrating the Joys of Letter Writing by Nina Sankovitch

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Celebrating the Joys of Letter Writing Cover

Thought, movement and attention used to be transported and preserved in letters. A sacrament in my Christian tradition is a promise within a sign, a word within an element or a product of the earth. There is a sacramental quality to personal letters composed, sent and kept. Letters held a little of the writer in ink pressed on in personal handwriting, in the paper folded, the envelope sealed,  a stamp stuck in place. A walk to a mailbox invested the body’s effort and movement in a letter. Unseen mechanisms and hands sorted, stacked and carried a letter to other, addressed, hands which opened, unfolded and held the thoughts of the writer. In reading, refolding, rereading, refolding, a letter channeled life from one human being to another.  My review of Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Nina Sankovitch appears in the current issue of The Christian Century

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