Salvador Dali and Figueres

“A human life, I think, should be well rooted in some spot of native land, where it may get the love of tender kinship…the sounds and accents that haunt it…whatever gives that early home a familiar unmistakable difference amidst the future widening of knowledge.”  -George Eliot

In Barcelona you cannot miss the name of Salvador Dali 1904-1989. That was how he wanted it,  of course. Tourists flock to the fun-house museum he established in his birth village of Figueres,  two hours from Barcelona. He developed the museum as a monument to himself and to his visions. No one else could have done it. In Dali, artistic talent and genius joined showman and self-promoter. His life seemed to be a display of unrestrained experience.  He trained his famous mustache to turn upward like a smile because he wanted to avoid  the wrinkles which come with the years. He filled his life with the energy and excess of adolescence. He was the artist of the Sixties except that he didn’t do drugs, and he worked “like a peasant”, thirteen hours a day.

Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me, written by Clifford Thurlow, is the story of dancer Carlos Lozano’s life with Dali. Lozano was a member of the London cast of Hair.

Landscape around Figueres by Salvador Dali when he was six years old from the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Flordia

The creative energy and wildness of the groundbreaking genius of Salvador Dali is interesting to me. More interesting is his grounding in his Catalonian village of Figueres. When the village fathers asked their famous son for a painting, he said, in effect, I’ll give you a museum. He was buried there, in his hometown, in a Catholic service that his unglued minions could not understand, but which made perfect sense. It’s not possible for a genius to cut loose and change the way we see things unless he is deeply rooted and at home somewhere on earth

“Surrealists believed the natural state was free love and open sex, a  vision we took to our hearts thirty years later at the Dawing of the Age of Aquarius, as Jerome Ragni wrote for Hair.”  -Carlos Lozano

“A banker is a man who gives you an umbrella when it is raining and takes it away when it is.”   -Salavador Dali

“Talent isn’t genius. I know a man who makes clay pots in Paris. they are charming. He is a craftsman. Not a genius.”  -Salvador Dali

“He had a shrewd almost satanic understanding of human nature and had been born with the ability to manipulate it to his advantage.”

“Only fear and guilt have the intoxicating flavor of sublime pleasure.”  -Salvador Dali

“I steal everything. Everything. I am a man without scruples.”  -Salvador Dali

“Eggs are divine…the egg is a strongbox without hinges or lock. It is the most miraculous form in creation.”  -Salvador Dali

The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Catalonia

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