Hoop Dancing

People find grace in different places, in the lines of a ship or of a plane or of a piece of furniture, in service at a restaurant, in a forgiving word, in movement of the body.  Sports competition is a crucible that brings out grace. Most major sports have graceful movement and gestures within them. The harder the competition the more impressive the grace appears. Sometimes grace looks like courage. Sometimes it looks like a spiritual thing.

Here is basketball imagined as warm-up only so that it becomes something like a dance. A similar reverie could be conceived out of hockey.

Hoop Dancing

Basketball without broadcast
or limits, on a stage set for kids
starved in their hearts
for love and smooth movement:

stiff nervous nets hang
from glossy orange rims
like thickened webs
woven for tropical fruit.

Carmel parquet is laid as a treat
for hungry young feet
of a hooped-up and famous
troupe from the city.

Hip-hop explodes
And a small bag of bones
bounces out with the beat,
dribbling, peppering, popping the air.

He loops center stage
when behind him appear
black arms like sea trees, circling,
dunking, dancing fundamentals.

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