Botticelli and Matisse at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

It’s pure 15th century spirit, Catholic Florentine faith on display in the special exhibit of Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) at the MFA. Centering myths and big faith narratives that wrapped around Botticelli’s world, and the lives of his patrons, were his themes. Augustine and Venus and Mary are featured in giant, gorgeous panels and canvasses.

Sandro Botticelli 050.jpg
Sandro Botticelli Venus

Sandro Botticelli - The Virgin and Child (The Madonna of the Book) - Google Art Project.jpg

One floor below Botticelli is a special show of Henri Matisse (1869-1954) in his studio. Here there are no myths or faith-stories to be seen, only chosen and picked-up pieces of ordinary life. We see his beautiful and quirky collection of objects–vases and vessels, faces and bodies, rearranged, and posed, so that the spirit of the shapes and colors interact and emerge in combination and contrast.

Image result for Matisse gold fish and woman

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