The same points of historical reference, and the same spirit of change and social evolution, return in variations in the museums and faces of Montreal. The Archeology and History museum is a place to hear those themes of native inhabitation, French fur trade activity, immigrant jostling, war and the aftermaths, industrial development, forward-looking optimism . The 1967 Expo  and its exhibits of progress, international cooperation and change, still throw bright light on this progressive city.

The Museum of Fine Arts features two special shows. Revolution shows the new music, consumption patterns, social assumptions and humane ideas that blossomed in the late 60’s.  There was Woodstock, The Beatles, Vietnam and the protests that followed from it, convenient and fast food, the age of television, etc. Montreal is still reacting to and recovering from the 60’s and the Expo that showcased so much of it there.

It’s probably past time for young people of North America to let their hair down again, and try to bring in the Age of Aquarius, with sympathy and love abounding.

Love is Love is an admission by Barak Obama in support of same-sex marriage and the title of the second special exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Installations at the Museum of Contemporary Art invite visitors to enter and explore Olafur Eliasson’s simple sensory playgrounds. Water, light, images, recorded and visual media, are offered in stark and dramatic interactive modules.

Just outside the front door of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the city made room for its annual jazz festival. Right in the urban center, music and happy crowds appeared.

I was surprised by the prairie and western feel of Montreal, connecting more with the great plains in the center of the continent than with American-urban-east, just to the south.

One thought on “Montreal

  1. We visited that museum last year in Montreal. Really an interesting place! So well done. We love Montreal and have been there a couple of times in recent years.



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