Stars Shall Bend Their Voices in October 2018

Stars Shall Bend Their Voices:
Poets’ Favorite Hymns & Spiritual Songs

edited by Jeffrey L. Johnson

*Available for pre-order.*
paper / $18.00
Orison Books

From the Publisher 
In Stars Shall Bend Their Voices, some of the most respected living poets meditate on the role of hymns and spiritual songs in their lives and writing. Representing many spiritual traditions and many approaches to personal spiritual practice, Stars Shall Bend Their Voices is a testament to the lasting impact of spiritual music on many of today’s best poets.

Kaveh Akbar
Zeina Hashem Beck
Scott Cairns
Richard Chess
Kate Daniels
Kwame Dawes
Margaret Gibson
Dana Gioia
Lorna Goodison
Jason Gray
Linda Gregerson
Robert Hass
Edward Hirsch
Jay Hopler
Mark Jarman
Kimberly Johnson
Sydney Lea
Maurice Manning
Shara McCallum
Kathleen Norris
Yehoshua November
Jacqueline Osherow
Alicia Ostriker
Vijay Seshadri
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

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