This Will Be A Sign: Poems by Jeffrey L. Johnson

These are emblematic poems, imagistic unities, with form and content in harmony, helping us to see and how earth and heaven come together.  -Mark Jarman, author of The Heronry

Rich, earnest and reverential, these poems pay loving attention to our lives on earth.  –Jason Gray, author of Radiation King

Moments of attention and blessing shine out, crossing over into words where they are, briefly, held.  -Margaret Gibson, Connecticut Poet Laureate

There is the poem on the page, but also signaled is the comtemplation that precedes the poem. My sense is the contemplative mode-never easy or settled-prepares the way for the poem.  -Maurice Manning, author of Railsplitter

Johnson’s poems draw us into intimate relationship with earthbound life…Quiet and melancholic, alert and attentive, some of them seem almost like prayers. -Richard Chess, author of Love Nailed to the Doorpost

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