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This is a blog of appreciations. The title—Harbors of Heaven—comes from  A Christmas Hymn by the poet Richard Wilbur, which he wrote many years ago for a holiday program at Wesleyan University. I am aware of course that “harbor of heaven” is an ancient term of reference to the Christian Church. My angle here (my polemic maybe) is that there are harbors elsewhere and all around, in people, places and things that our eyes, ears, intuitions and instincts tell us are good. Through education, training, shared experiences, courage and grace we learn to appreciate them. That outcome seems to me to be close to the goal of the Christian faith, as I understand it. God so loved the world…(John 3) .  Each of us might try to imitate that love where ever we are. Family, music, textured language, art, animals, the world around us, and more are good things to me. I’m thankful for them. The promotion of thanks-giving in other people is a worthy vocation which sometimes calls for support of the powerless, and advocacy on behalf of the silenced.

Jeffrey Johnson
Sudbury, Massachusetts


The image at the head of the blog is from a painting by David Utiger. Visit his website   http://www.utigerfineart.com/

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